We created Vidfuse, because we know video works.

We’ve been using video to grow our business and mindshare for years.

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Video Works

Vidfuse helps our users achieve their business objectives and it does so because video works!

Video tells a story, either in one-hit, or the narrative of a business or individual told over a period of time, one instalment and insight at a time.

Over the last decade we’ve built a wealth of experience creating video platforms which are used by thousands of customers to either create video content, distribute video content, or a combination of the two.

Our tools help users deploy video quickly and easily to achieve their personal or business ambitions. No other medium delivers the cut-through and impact of video.

We developed Vidfuse to pack the fruits of our experience into a single tool that is becoming a key component in the toolbox of many video marketers and vloggers as they grow their audience and mindshare online.

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